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Systems Design

Unsure where to begin on that new feature? Need help breaking up your monolith? Want a second opinion on the state of your application? Ensure your applications run smoothly and scale effectively.

Kubernetes Consulting

Kubernetes is a complex ecosystem, let us help you hit the ground running! Learn from our years of industry experience running it in production and allow your systems to grow with you. Weather it be On-Prem, in the cloud or both.

Retained DevOps Support

Augment your team and get the help you need quickly. Wheather you need DevOps voice in a meeting or need to quickly build out new tooling our experience will ensure your teams can focus on producing towards your vision.


We use our unused retainer hours to better the community and our clients together by Open Sourcing as much of our work as we legally can. This allows us to focus on clients specific needs instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Application Development

Reach your customers regardless of their device or interface of choice. Native applications, web applications, APIs, and CLIs the options are endless and your customers may need to interact with you over all of them.


How your applications communicate are the backbone on your business. Do you know where your data is going? Are your applications using TLS everywhere? Don’t let eavesdropers siphon your data.

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